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2011/5 - A few people find this website looking for a Sydney based Haskell programming event. Looking for the AusHac Haskell Hackathon? Visit http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/AusHac2011. Thanks.

2011/5 - I haven't updated my website for a while. Been busy starting my own company, OSI Security. We provide penetration testing and risk mitigation services etc.

2009/10 - A lot of Google searches still seek the Amiga Cheats, Rocket Ranger decoder wheel and Faery Tale Adventure music, so I have reposted them. Long live Amiga! ;-).

2009/10 - I was waiting for at train at Gosford and noticed the timetable displays operated by RailCorp were infected with Conficker. :-)

2009/08 - I managed to enable VT (Vanderpool) on my Sony Vaio.

2009/05 - Checking out IIS6 exploit by Kingcope. Affects BASIC pages as well etc.

2009/02 - It is a feature! WatchGuard System Manager Error Message.

2009/01 - Even security companies should have pen-tests!

2009/01 - I always forget the URL for the Kiosk hacking - http://ikat.ha.cked.net/

2009/01 - A quick analysis of the ASUS AI Direct Link file sharing software.

2008/07 - How to install BackTrack3 to the hard disk of a VMWare guest image.

2008/07 - I have moved openpath code to Assembla (similar to SourceForge but for Ruby). You can find it in the openpath space. It can now be updated by the public.

2008/06 - Ever use Google search operators? I often forget the correct syntax.

2008/06 - Quick guide on using Metasploit's autopwn feature for automated exploitation.

2008/06 - I have written a small guide on converting PuTTY based puttygen private keys to work with openssh.

2008/05 - This is a nice Payphone lookup directory. Not that I've ever had a need...

2008/04 - Microsoft's Windows Vista just gets better and better.

2008/04 - Have you ever tried to decrypt MSSQL password hashes?

2008/04 - Just thought people may be interested in the Wikileaks Scientology document available for download.

2008/03 - This is a fairly old site with images of the abandoned city of Chernobyl, but I just recalled it and thought it is worthwhile posting. Scary stuff...

2008/03 - What a random SMTP greeting from Hotmail! Anyone know what this involves?

2008/02 - Using Gmail as a GmailFS (File System) for Windows.

2008/02 - I am pissed off by the Wikileaks censorship. So here is my bit: wikileaks.aushack.com!

2007/12 - Rundll32.exe Overflow

2007/12 - Another day, another XSS

2007/12 - Why it is important to tweak your TCP/IP stack.

2007/12 - Does ZoneAlarm introduce a threat to your business?

2007/11 - Can't work out regular expressions? Introducing The Regex Coach!

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